Personal Training

Not sure where to start? Looking for some extra motivation, or need a nudge to take your routine to the next level? Personal training is the answer.

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What is personal training?

Personal Training (PT) are structured one-on-one sessions with our qualified and experienced personal trainers. PT will help you:

  • reach your goals faster
  • enhance your workouts by using correct exercise technique
  • reduce the risk of injury
  • keep it interesting by providing variety in your workouts
  • keep you motivated.

What to expect in a personal training session

Feeling a little bit anxious about your first personal training session? No need to stress, your trainer will guide you through your personalised program.

A session will generally start with a warm up, followed by a personalised program of strength and or cardio training, finishing with a cool down. Your trainer will keep your motivation levels up and push your training to your limits while keeping in mind your current fitness level.

PT Max group training

If you prefer working out with others but still need that push to keep you going then PT Max might be just what you’re looking for. PT Max is group personal training sessions. With groups of no more than three people, you will still get all the attention you need from a personal trainer. Plus who doesn’t love to workout with friends!

Prices for individual PT sessions:

 Individual10 sessions20 sessions 
30 minute $41 $400 $780
60 minute $75 $740 $1460

Prices for PT Max (groups of two or three)

   60 minute session
Groups of two $80 
Groups of three$99 

Price is per group, not per individual.

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Our trainers

Our team of trainers are highly qualified and have a broad range of expertise.

Most of our trainers are tertiary qualified and many of these are currently engaged in post graduate studies in either Clinical Exercise Physiology or Strength and Conditioning. You will always be in good hands and receive up to date evidence-based training programs with our team.

Jean-Charl Smith Leg training

Nickname: JC/Johnny

Education: Bachelor of Science (Exercise, Sport & Rehabilitation) – Curtin University (2015-2018)

Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology – University of Western Australia (2018-2019)

Experience: Track & Field skills and conditioning coach (Joondalup Little Athletics) 2 years

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer (Curtin Stadium) Since Aug 2017

Specialised or particular training interest: Love leg training (even though I regret it the next day).

Other experience: Will be going for my PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) open water license in June 2019.

Favourite pre/post workout meals: Protein bar and/or banana

Interests: Spending time with family and friends, farming, playing rugby, travelling.

Fun fact: I am also a farmer.

Giorgia Neill

Coming soon.

Jessica Loxton Cardio, Sport Rehab

Nickname: Jess

Education: BSc(Exercise, Science and Sports Rehabilitation)

Experience: Telehealth, Physitrack, Curtin Stadium, Hydrotherapy training

Specialized or training interest: Cardio, return to sport rehabilitation, netball, swimming

Goals and Aspirations: Currently studying for my Master’s degree in Doctor of Physiotherapy

Favourite thing about being a Trainer: Helping people achieve their goals, finding a program that matches a client’s interests and that they will enjoy

Favourite workout: Anything cardio-related

What is the most frequently asked questions by people? “How do I lose weight?”, “How do I get bigger?”

Best advice for people about health and fitness: Find a program that works for your fitness goals that you will enjoy doing and find the time to do it.

Interests: netball, swimming, health and fitness

Robbie Barker Athlete development

Nickname: Rob

Education: Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science); Part-way through Master of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning).

Experience: Personal trainer since February 2017

Specialized or training interest: Athlete development

Other experience: Practical placement in a high school gym.

Goals and Aspirations: To coach field sport athlete’s full time.

Favourite thing about being a Trainer: Programming.

Favourite pre/post-workout meals: Anything tasty which is carb and protein-rich.

Favourite workout: Strength/ Power.

What is the most frequently asked questions by people?: How can I lose fat on my stomach? Answer: You can’t target fat loss, the stomach is often the last place for fat tissue to dissipate due to a number of reasons. If you get your nutrition and training right for long enough it will eventually leave that area too.

Best advice for people about health and fitness: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to achieve your goals. Consistency in training and nutrition is paramount.

Interests: Sport, Exercise, Film, Music, History, Travel, Food, Architecture.

Fun fact: I once met Frank Ocean in New York.

Jesse Hallett

Coming soon.

Jayde Don Group Fitness

Nickname: Dark Horse

Education: Bachelor of Exercise, Sports & Rehabilitation Science. Currently Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Experience: Worked here for a year now!

Specialised or particular training interest: Group fitness

Other experience: Cert III in Business

Favourite pre/post workout meals: Pre – muesli bar, post – just about anything I’m usually starving haha

Interests: Netball, travel and really bad reality TV

Fun fact: I have a twin sister who also did Exercise Science and she beat me by one mark!

Sophie Ashford

Nickname: Soph

Education: Currently in my third year of Exercise Science at Curtin University

Experience: I am new to the fitness industry, but hope to gain extensive knowledge through my degree and my role as fitness instructor at Curtin Stadium.

Other experience: Qualified as a pool lifeguard and a Cert III in Sport and Recreation.

Favourite pre/post-workout meals: A berry, banana and oat smoothie and some mixed nuts and fruits for my pre-workout. I love salmon with stir fried veggies or brown rice.

Interests: Traveling, playing netball and watersports.

Dean Trenowden Beginner fitness and weight loss

Nickname: Deano

Education: Bachelor of Social Sciences (Leisure Sciences)

Experience: 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Health and Fitness Coordinator at Loftus Recreation Centre and at The City of Bayswater.

Specialised or particular training interest: Sports specific training

Other experience: Les Mills trainer in Body Pump and Body Combat.

Favourite pre/post-workout meals: Avocado smash on toast and Corona with wedges.

Interests: Swimming at the beach or watching the Fremantle Dockers lose.

Fun fact: egg and spoon race champion from year 7.

Kyle Weaver

Nickname: Kylo