Assisted Exercise for People with Disability

The Fit and Able program is designed for people with special needs that require assistance to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.

Who can participate?

The Fit and Able program is designed for people who require supervision and assistance to perform exercise. A one on one consult before joining will make sure the program is right. This is a 60 minute session which involves a health screening and assessment. An exercise program will be developed depending upon capabilities and mobility of the client.

What to expect in a session?

A session will run for 60 minutes and is fully supervised by a volunteer. A session will usually involve light resistance training and light cardio. This is completely dependent on the client’s capabilities and mobility. Session times will be coordinated between the client and volunteer.


Volunteers range from members of the community to health practicum placement students. If you would like to volunteer for a friend or family member in the program or are a uni student looking for practical experience, apply now.

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